User Case - Customized production with 3D Printer (KNTEC, water quality analyzer manufacturer)

KNTEC, an industrial water quality analyzing manufacturer, utilizes 3D printers to make customized products for all their industrial needs.

Not only has the fabWeaver type A530 enabled KNTEC with user customization, but the 3D printer has also allowed them to reduce costs during the manufacturing process.

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Established in 2003, KNTEC is one of the leading manufacturers in industrial water quality analyzing systems.

KNTEC focuses on the issue of industrial water quality control, and develops automated water quality management systems and online water quality analyzers.

Products from KNTEC are mainly supplied to power plants and factories.


KNTEC's concerns

Many of the power plants and factories need a water quality analyzer with required specifications and circumstances.

Since most of the productions are made to order, part designs differ slightly for each production.

To enhance production efficiency, KNTEC decided to deploy a 3D printer within their production process for printing various design parts when necessary.

KNTEC's water quality analyzer
KNTEC's water quality analyzer


However, KNTEC still wanted to decrease costs from part of their subcontract production process, and their existing 3D printer was having frequent down time due to stretched operation time.

Hence, KNTEC decided to to purchase an additional 3D printer to improve productivity and cost saving.


Solution from fabWeaver

KNTEC's #1 priority in purchasing a new 3D printer was the print quality.

This is primarily because KNTEC needed to 3D print end user parts, rather than just a jig or prototype model.

KNTEC compared several 3D printers, including the type A530 from fabWeaver, and evaluated the printing quality using samples prints for their end use part design.

3d printed part installation (KNTEC)Installation of 3D printed part from the type A530


type A530의 품질을 확인하는 모습Evaluating the printed part quality from the type A530


For KNTEC, the most appealing feature of the type A530 was the stable printing quality while using high intensity materials such as ABS and ASA with the help of the heating chamber.

Additionally, KNTEC found that they could save costs with the type A530, as the type A530 model is very reasonably priced compared to similar featured 3D printers. ABS, their main printing material, costs just one-quarter per its weight.

Not only was KNTEC able to achieve a high printing quality, but the type A530 was an average of 30% cheaper compared to other 3D printer brands. Also, KNTEC was able to cut production costs of 90% when compared to the mock-up production. 



챔버 히팅 방식의 type A530Heating chamber featured type A530


Some claim that it's still early to say whether 3D printing can replace the current manufacturing process, but it is already taking place within various industries and production sites.

As time goes on, many companies are discovering ways to adopt 3D printing into their daily business practices. 


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