fabWeaver type A530 is a Winner of Reddot Design Award & Design Week 2022

SEOUL, KOREA July 1, 2022 -- fabWeaver type A530, a prototyping workstation for industrial 3D printing designed by tangerine received a Reddot Design Award 2022 and Design Week Awards 2022.

Working together with fabWeaver R&D and UK Design Firm, tangerine, fabWeaver type A530 was designed for easy post-processing, solving user problems identified amongst larger 3D printer models.

Design Awards


Unlike conventional printers that can only communicate through the screen, the whole front face of the printer is treated as an interface. The large glass door was engineered to maximize visibility, yet withstand the high temperatures of the heated chamber.

The ambient LED lighting around the door informs the user of printing status through color changes, making it easy to monitor printing operation from a distance.0058s-horz


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