Closed Loop System and 3D Printing Stability

The type A530 machine driving system uses a closed loop system.

The Closed loop system will offset any external impact to the machine, and support stable printing.

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Last time we discussed the hybrid support setting of the type A530, and today we will see how the type A530 can support a stable printing job.


Printing failure resulted from external impact

Whenever a 3D printer is in operation, an external impact is always a risk factor which can result in a printing job failure.

Common examples include when someone bumps into the machine by mistake, or the machine is being exposed to continuous vibration from outside, or any other external impact could happen during a printing job.


disturbance.2pngExternal impact or vibration that discouraging printing job


Such external impact or vibration can cause a printing job failure, because it changes the position of the drive unit.

2222Normal Printing Result (Left), Shifted layer by external impact (Right)


What is a closed loop system?

The closed loop system in the type A530 is comparing output signal and input signal together, and then compensates its difference to maintain the correct value.

This feature allows the user to control the external interference signal or errors.

accurate_2Concept of closed loop system


This closed loop system has been applied to the nozzle drive of the type A530 to decrease any external disturbances to the minimum.

Below, the video clip will show that the nozzle returns to its original position even if pushed by an external force.

The type A530 maintains and resumes the correct printing process even with an external impact, so that the user can get the expected printing result. type A530 Closed Loop System Works


You can find more information of professional & industrial type A530 from here.



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