Cloud System For Your Remote 3D Printing

The Weaver3 Cloud is a web-based 3D printing management platform.

Maximize your 3D printing workflow efficiency with the 3D printing process control and monitoring, as well as real-time machine operation status check.


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In the recent 3D printing trend, software features are becoming more advanced and forming an important role in the overall 3D printing process.

In this blog, we will share how the cloud system can be used during the 3D printing process, and also about fabWeaver's 3D printing cloud management platform, Weaver3 Cloud.


1. What is a Cloud?

Cloud, or cloud computing, is a type of internet-based computing service, which enables user to use specific features of another computer that is connected via internet, instead of the user's own computer. 

Therefore, the user can share the same file or work-process on multiple computers or mobile devices.

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Weaver3 Cloud is a cloud system developed by the fabWeaver team, and provides various features that allow the user to organize efficient workflows.


2. Weaver3 Cloud for efficient 3D printing workflow

The type A530 is an industrial 3D printer that allows user to print parts and jigs using engineering plastic such as ABS and ASA.

Weaver3 Cloud helps the user to organize efficient workflow, hence improve productivity of the type A530.


The main features of the Weaver3 Cloud include:

   1. Remote control

   2. Member and team management

   3. File management

   4. Analysis


 Remote control

The user can register their type A530 machines on the cloud and control their printer(s) remotely.

The user can start, pause, cancel, and control the machine via a cloud-connected computer or mobile device.

The user can also check a real-time machine status and see the printing progress through a monitoring camera.

weaver3 cloud monitoringMonitoring Screen


 Member and team management

In some cases, several members of a team may share the 3D printer in one organization.

In this case, each group can separately manage the STL or other printing files, and schedule or control printing jobs while checking the printer status anytime.


File management

Weaver3 Cloud offers cloud storage that the user can access from anywhere that is connected to the internet.

weaver3 cloud 파일관리 산업용 3d 프린터File Management Screen



Weaver3 Cloud offers a dashboard to monitor overall registered printers and it's status at a glance.

A company, school, service bureau, or any other organization that is operating multiple printers together can manage their registered type A530 printers with ease in one single view.

On the job history page, the user can check work status like progress and estimated end time, and view other detailed information regarding every print jobs.

weaver3 cloud 작업 관리 산업용 3d 프린터Job History Screen


Weaver3 Cloud is a complimentary solution for the fabWeaver 3D printers, and will raise the production efficiency of the industrial 3D printer type A530.


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