fabWeaver smartStation™ : Continuous Non-Stop Printing.

The smartStation™, is directly connected to the type A530 machine, and offers various user-friendly functions.

Enhance your type A530's productivity even more with the smartStation™.


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Recent 3D printers provide various functions to help user experience to become more pleasant and convenient throughout the 3D printing process.

These functions can help make the 3D printing process easier, or improve the output quality of the 3D printing job.

The type A530 has a smartStation™, an optional station that is connected to the type A530, and is equipped with 3 main features that makes the type A530’s printing experience more efficient and convenient:


Sliding top table


The smartStation™ is equipped with a sliding table on top, which can be utilized as a temporal working table.

The sliding top table will offer convenience, especially while the user is removing the printed model from bed or removing simple support from the model.

The sliding top table can withstand for total 5kg of loading, which shall be enough for any simple post process task handling.


Automatic feeding system


In the second drawer, a total of 4 filament boxes can be stored for the printing job.

Filament box 1 and 2 (2 boxes from left side) are connected to the first nozzle, and box 3 and 4 (2 boxes from right side) are connected to the second nozzle, and each different material can be set for each nozzle.

The smartStation™ automatically feeds filament from a stored filament box, and if the filament is exhausted from one box, it will automatically switch to another filament box with the same material. This will result in continuous filament supplying and enable an uninterrupted printing job.

Let us have another blog post for automatic feeding system of smartStation™.


Storage drawer


On the very lowest part of the smartStation™, the storage drawer can hold any consumables or work tools for the 3D printing job.

The machine is equipped with wheels and a stopper  installed on the bottom of the smartStation™, so that the user can easily move the machine to the locate a desired flat surface.


Like other well featured industrial 3D printers, the type A530 with the smartStation™ can enhance the user’s 3D printing performance and experience like never before!



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