Why the Heating Chamber is Essential in 3D Printing

The best feature of the type A530 is the heating chamber.

With the heating chamber, the inside temperature is maintained at 75ºC which enables engineering filament like ABS, ASA to be printed reliably.

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The fabWeaver team is featuring a series of content to learn about the most important features and points of quality industrial 3D printer, and how those features can help users to get peace of mind from 3D printing job, as well as from type A530.

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fabWeaver typeA530
The first 3D printer of fabWeaver, type A530 Heating Chamber

Open type vs. Close type

Usually, an entry-level 3D printer is not closed and printing space is exposed to outside.  

In this case, printing failure rate is very high. 

The major failure type is ① First layer adhesion failure, ② Warping, ③ Cracking.

The fundamental cause of these failure is temperature difference between filament and printing space.

Warping photo-jpgWarping caused by temperature difference between layers

Relation between Temperature and Printing Quality  

An FFF 3D printer melts the filament-type material, depositing the material layer by layer and solidifying it.  

The material expands when heated. And contracts when cooled. 

If there is a big temperature difference between each layers, warping and crack occurs.

As the low temperature layer contracts, it pulls the high temperature layer. 

This phenomenon can be minimized by making the cooling each layer slowly to minimize the layer temperature difference. 

Warping imageSchematic Diagram of Warping

Heating Chamber and Temperature Control

For this purpose, the type A530 implemented a heating chamber. 

The heating chamber can maintain the machine internal temperature at 75ºC. 

This chamber temperature is close to the bed plate temperature when printing the ABS, ASA so the temperature difference between layers can be minimized during printing.

Small temperature fluctuations in the print area are essential for reliability and repeatability.

If the printer is intended for industrial, we recommended to check if it has heating chamber.  

type A530 has a heating chamber so it can reliably print ABS which is enclosed as a basic material. 

typeA530 ABS A530 basic material ABS


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