Using Hybrid Support to Increase Productivity in 3D Printing

Hybrid support can lower the printing production cost.

Hybrid support also can reduce post processing time to remove support.


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Last post, we discussed the RSA support material.

Today we’ll talk more about how this RSA material can be used more economically and efficiently.


What is ‘Hybrid Support’?

Hybrid support is a feature that only uses RSA material when printing the raft and surface where the model and support part meets.

hybrid supportSupport with RSA only vs. Hybrid Support


As seen above, hybrid support is printed with RSA material only for raft and contact surface between support and model, while all other parts been printed with ABS.

With Weaver3 Studio, the dedicated slicer for the type A530, the user can activate the hybrid support feature from the support setting menu.

weaver3studio settingHybrid support is set as default in Weaver3 Studio.


Cost saving with Hybrid Support

The material cost of ABS and RSA are different, and the unit price of RSA is higher than ABS.

Using Hybrid Support, the user can reduce RSA consumption during printing, and therefore also reduce production cost as well.

material consumption comparison for hybrid supportComparison of material cost of valve housing printing per support setting

With Hybrid Support, RSA material consumption decreased by 1/3 from printing support with RSA only, and this resulting about 43% material cost saving.

This shall vary per model design and size, but the user can expect to save on material cost when using Hybrid Support, rather than printing with RSA only.


Increase production efficiency through Hybrid Support

As the RSA portion is being decreased from printed support, necessary time to dissolve the RSA shall also decrease.

Estimated maximum time for dissolving per RSA consumption (from type A530 User Manual)

Dissolve in smartWashTM - max. rotation speed with temperature 70° setting


About 1 hour of dissolving time can be reduced if the RSA consumption is cut in half.

So the user can expect to not only save on costs, but the Hybrid Support can contribute to shortened total production lead-time.


You can find more information in here about RSA.

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