Ways to Save your Time and Money while 3D printing

The type A530 has a heating chamber which is supported by smart power management system.

The user can easily set and operate the temperature management of the chamber, which will shorten the printing time with minimized preheating time, and ultimately save energy consumption.

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The heating chamber in the type A530 is supported by the smart power management system for user convenience and cost saving.

The typical heating chamber starts preheating when the printing job starts, or maintains a high chamber temperature even after the printing is completed.

This usually takes hours for preheating itself when the printing starts, consuming lot of electricity to maintain the chamber’s high temperature, and even increases frequency of printer failure.

oil gas riseEnergy efficiency is more important than ever due to recent oil price increase.

Organize efficient workflow with smart power management system

The type A530 provides a smart power management system so that the user can schedule a preheating job before arriving to the office. Also, the type A530 can maintain a certain temperature that the user wants for optimal condition during the printing job with low energy consumption, and the user can start the job without waiting.

Smart Power Management Systemtype A530 smart power management system menu screen

① Chamber Preheating

- Set target temperature for preheating

- Heating the chamber between 40°C ~ 60 °C

- Select ‘Off’ in case the user does not want the preheating feature

② Power Saving

- Set time span to maintain preheated temperature

- Printer will enter sleep mode after being idled for selected time span (1 ~ 12 hours)

- Select ‘Off’ in case the user doesn't want power saving mode

③ Wake-up

- Set time to wake-up the machine from sleep mode

- Wake-up can be set per Off, Once, or Weekly, and printer will wake up on scheduled date and time

Suppose the user will set the smart power management as demonstrated below:

Chamber Preheating: 60°C
Power Saving: 2 hours
Wake-up: Weekly / AM 8:00 / Mon to Fri

If the user starts a printing job on the printer when leaving the office on Friday, the printer shall go to sleep mode 2 hours from printing job completion.

And the next Monday morning at 8 a.m., the printer will wake up from sleep mode and start preheating up to 60°C and maintain the temperature until 10 a.m.

So the user can save energy after the printing job is completed, and also starts the new printing job without having to wait for preheating.

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