Power Recovery Feature for type A530 3D printer

No need to be concerned about a sudden blackout while printing a large model with the type A530.

The power recovery feature of the type A530 can resume the printing job from where it stopped, even if a blackout has occurred.


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One of the most discouraging experiences that a user can suffer from while 3d printing is when a machine has been stopped and cannot be resumed, especially if the user wasted many hours and lots of material to print the model.


fabweaver type A530 power recovery


What happens to the type A530 if a sudden blackout happens during a printing job?

When the user starts any 3d printing job with the type A530, the printing file (.w3s) which been sliced by Weaver3 Studio, automatically saves in the machine.

And if a power outage happens, the type A530 detects it and save all the information about the work in progress (nozzle position, temperature, etc.) on the unit’s memory.

Once the power is back up, the unit recognizes that the printing job been stopped because of the sudden power cut, and the machine will ask the user if they want to resume the printing job again through the UI panel.

If the user confirms to resume the printing job, the type A530 will recover the saved memory and restore the nozzle position, printing temperature, and the other information, in order to resume the printing job from where it stopped.


Power recovery process of type A530


The type A530 has a large build plate with 310 * 310 *310mm size that can print a large design model.

Even with such a large build model printing, the type A530 can make stable printing output using the Closed loop system and power recovery feature.


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